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Get Care

Inside California

PPO members:

  • At a UC Medical Center or One Medical provider (Tier 1 providers result in lowest out-of-pocket costs to you, although an annual One Medical fee applies to One Medical.).
  • From an Anthem provider (Tier 2 in-network providers). Log in to Anthem to find an Anthem PPO provider. Or, call Anthem toll-free at (833) 674-9256.

HMO members:

Outside of California

  • Anthem HMO: Except for emergencies, all care must be coordinated through your primary care physician (PCP).
  • Anthem PPO: If you're enrolled in the Anthem PPO, when you’re working or traveling outside of California, you’re covered through the BlueCard® Program. There is no coverage outside the U.S.

The Anthem PPO gives you access to care across the United States through the BlueCard Program, which includes 92% of U.S. doctors and 96% of U.S. hospitals. You are not required to use a BlueCard provider; however, you’ll pay less when you do because services received from BlueCard providers are reimbursed at the in-network level of coverage.

How It Works

  • You must first meet your plan’s deductible. Then the plan pays the same percentage of the cost for covered services as if you were at home.
  • There is no charge for preventive care.
  • You can see most types of in-network providers without a referral. However, some specialists—as well as certain treatments and procedures—may require a referral or prior authorization before your first visit. Learn more.
  • If you seek out-of-network care, you’ll need to submit a claim, and you’ll pay a higher deductible and a greater share of the costs.

With BlueCard, you can:

  • Access care across the U.S.
  • Go to most types of providers without a referral.
  • Use a BlueCard provider to keep your costs down (but doing so is not required).

To find a BlueCard provider, call 800-810-BLUE or go to, and select Find a Doctor.

One Medical

HMO and PPO members who live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area have access to One Medical Group, a concierge medical practice with more than 100 top-rated health care professionals that have time to listen and make you a priority.

One Medical Group can handle everything from preventive medicine to the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and, you can schedule same- or next-day appointments by:

  • Phone
  • Online
  • Using their smartphone app

And free 24/7 virtual care makes it easy to get treated at 3 a.m. or anytime while traveling.

Getting Started

To become a patient, you must first become a member. The $149 annual membership fee is waived for UC HMO and PPO members.

To sign up, simply follow these instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the registration steps
    • Use Promotion Code UCXOMG
    • Enter your (the employee’s) first and last name
    • Select Yes or No to the question “Are you already a Member?”
  3. Complete the rest of the registration