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When Coverage Begins and Ends

When Coverage Begins

Once you enroll, your benefits coverage begins on your campus start date. Contact your Human Resources office for your campus start date.

When Coverage Ends

COBRA Coverage

When your UC residency or fellowship ends, or if you withdraw from the program early, your UC benefits will also end. Before your coverage ends, you will have the option to enroll in COBRA coverage that allows you to continue medical, dental and vision coverage for you and your covered dependents for up to 18 months after your contract ends.

A qualifying event COBRA notice will be mailed from PlanSource to your home address within 3-5 business days. The notice includes the enrollment form, costs and payment options. Please make sure your address is up to date with your Human Resources office.

Medical, Dental, Vision

  • Your medical, dental and vision insurance coverage automatically continue until the last day of the month in which your contract with UC expires.
  • Generally, before your last day, you’ll receive information about your right to continue your health insurance through COBRA and how to enroll.
  • You have 60 days from your COBRA notification date (or coverage end date, if different) to enroll in COBRA for medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • You have 45 days from your enrollment date to make the initial payment. Payment can be made online by ACH transfer or by paper check to PlanSource.
  • Allow 7–10 business days from the date of initial payment and when you submit the completed enrollment form for your coverage to be activated.
  • ID Cards will remain the same; you will not be mailed a new one.

Your Cost for Coverage

UC does not subsidize the premium costs for COBRA coverage. You pay 100% of the current premium plus a 2% administration fee for medical, dental and vision insurance.

If you’re enrolled in COBRA coverage, you’ll learn about any changes to premiums prior to the annual Open Enrollment period, typically held in June. Open Enrollment is your opportunity to make changes to your COBRA coverage and to add or drop coverage for dependents. See the COBRA FAQs for more details.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Instead of COBRA, you can buy coverage through the health insurance marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Learn more about these options at

Life and Disability Insurance

You have 31 days from your last day of employment to convert your life and accident insurance coverage to an individual policy or portable policy that you can take with you.

You have 31 days from your last day of employment to convert your Long-Term Disability coverage into an individual policy, but the benefits will differ from your current policy. You cannot convert your Short Term Disability coverage into an individual policy.

Retirement Benefits

During your UC residency or fellowship, you may have participated in a retirement plan (known as the Defined Contribution plan for Safe Harbor participants). Contact your Graduate Medical Office (GME) to learn what you need to do once your residency or fellowship ends. 


For questions about COBRA benefits, costs or how to enroll, contact your local Human Resources office.

Call PlanSource to enroll, make payments, if you have questions about your COBRA status, or need help with online account access.