App-Based Coaching, Therapy and Psychiatry

What to Know

Ginger is a mental health app that puts behavioral coaches, self-care resources, and video-based therapy and psychiatry services at your fingertips. All UC residents and fellows, and their dependents, who are age 18 and older and enrolled in a UC Residents and Fellows  medical plan, are eligible to use Ginger.

Unlimited Text Support

Get unlimited text-based support from behavioral health coaches anytime, anywhere through the Ginger app — whether you’re in bed at 2 a.m. or taking your lunch break.

In addition to coaching and self-care resources, you have access to up to 15 sessions of video-based therapy and psychiatry, and you can use these sessions whenever you need them, including weekends and evenings. If your coach recognizes that you may benefit from clinical support, a licensed Ginger therapist or psychiatrist will become part of your care team, and your coach will continue to support you during and after you receive clinical care.

All conversations with your care team, plus your sign-up information, are confidential. Ginger doesn’t notify UC that you are signed up with the app, nor does it share any information from your conversations with a coach, therapist or psychiatrist.

Coaching Versus Therapy

Coaching is a collaborative process in which you and your coach work together to create an action-oriented plan to focus on the present and align on what you want to accomplish in the future. Coaches empower you to discover your full potential by encouraging you to identify small steps you can take to achieve your goals. Your coach will help you make adjustments as needed to keep you on track. Coaching happens through private in-app text-based chats with your coach.

Therapy consists of sessions with a licensed clinician to help you address ongoing psychological symptoms or patterns of thought, behavior or emotion that no longer serve you. Therapy allows you to dive deeper into past or present issues to make positive change in your life. Therapy sessions happen via live video chats.

Read the FAQ [PDF] to learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy.

What You Pay

You and your dependents age 18 and older pay nothing to access the Ginger service. Plus, you have unlimited access to coaching via text-based chats and self-care resources. Video-based therapy and psychiatry services are also covered, up to 15 sessions per person, per year.

If you need additional therapy and psychiatry sessions, please contact the Ginger Member Support Team at Member Support can help you understand other options for care available through your health plan.

Accessing Ginger

UC Residents and Fellows

  • Download the Ginger Emotional Support app: App StoreGoogle Play.
  • Once it’s downloaded, tap Get Started, and enter your email as listed in PlanSource. Log in to PlanSource to verify your email.
  • Follow the instructions sent to your inbox, and you’ll be set!


  • Download the Ginger Emotional Support app: App StoreGoogle Play.
  • Once it’s downloaded, tap Enter Insurance or Name/DOB, then tap I’m a Spouse/Dependent (18 or older).
  • Enter the info for the primary subscriber (UC resident or fellow) and your email address.

Follow the instructions sent to your inbox, and you’ll be set.

Ginger Therapist or Psychiatrist (Without Coaching)

Coaching is the ideal place to start for most members. However, for deeper emotional challenges, your coach may expand your care team to include a licensed therapist or psychiatrist via video appointments. If you feel clinical care may be helpful to you, chat with your coach about it during your first session. Your coach can connect you to Member Support to help you get started with a clinician.

After you meet with a therapist or psychiatrist, we recommend chatting with your coach, who can help you make progress between therapy or psychiatry appointments. Your coach will also be able to support you when you step down from clinical services.


Contact the Ginger Support Team at or through the app. Ginger’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT, and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT.

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